Alte Römer / M. Höh

"Alte Römer" is a dealer in acient art and antiquities


Ancient Resource / Gabriel Vandervort

Gabriel Vandervort is a collector and dealer in ancient coins and artifacts.


Archaeological Center / Robert Deutsch
Robert Deutsch is an archaeologist and epigraphist from Jaffa, Israel with many publications in these subjects. He is an expert in all kinds of ancient Near Eastern art.


CoinIndia / Pankaj Tandon

Pankaj Tandon is a researcher, collector and dealer specializing in Indian coins.


Collector Antiquites / Bron Lipkin

Bron Lipkin is a collector and dealer of ancient artifacts. His web site contains a lot of valuable information on many kinds of antiquities.


HD Enterprises Inc. / Hank Johnson

Hank Johnson is a collector and dealer in a broad range of antiques and collectibles.


Medusa-art / Allan is a family owned international ancient art gallery with offices in Europe and North America.


Olaf Sprenger

Olaf Sprenger owns a superb collection of near eastern seals concentrating mainly on cylinder seals.


Senatus Consulto / Mikkel Pedersen

Mikkel Pedersen is an arts and antiquities dealer based in Denmark.